Elephant Pillow – Doll Gift for Toddlers


Elephant Pillow Doll from Jellycat

This baby pillow by Jellycat called Elly and she can be use as a wonderful pillow for a small baby.

The elephant doll is waiting to hear bedtime stories while the baby leans on her.

sleeping on her, resting, or just playing around with her big ears.

This elephant doll is called Elly and can be used as a plush pillow for a little baby.  The elephant doll waits to hear a bedtime story while the baby snuggles up with Elly, falls asleep on it, naps or just plays with the elephants’ enormous ears. Elly’s soft tummy is very comfy and the doll is made from materials that have been fully checked and found suitable for babies. Every baby will happy to have an Elly the Elephant doll; it’s super cute, warm and cuddly and fun to snuggle up with.

  • Doll complies with European safety and health standards for children (EN71).
  • Suitable for all ages, even newborn infants.
  • Materials: 100% polyester.
  • Cleaning: hand wash only!
  • Do not iron.

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