Cozmo Car Robot – Small But Smart


Cozmo the car robot. by Anki

You must know the robot Cozmo by the famous high-tech company Anki. Cozmo has a reel personality! He recognizes faces (Adjusts the level of the game to gamers) he gets emotional, for example, if you annoying heme he gets angry), learn the owner’s Habits, and he offers a range of games. did you remember the robots that we see in the movies? Cozmo is the incarnation of all these robots. he’s programming after years of research by Gifted programmers and engineers, cooperation with known Pixar company, He’s very similar to Wall-E and he makes a lot of action and fun. As a gift, the Cozmo robot fits Technological enthusiasts, to gadget enthusiasts, and for gaming enthusiasts of all ages. Cozmo’s personality  Develop Continuously, as long as In-depth familiarity.

  • Cozmo gets emotions from men’s activities.
  • Cozmo works from application to smartphone, tablet, or laptop.
  • The more you play with him open more and more new games.
  • The kit comes with Cozmo the robot, charger, and 3 power cubes.
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