Trip Organizer For Women

Triangle Trip Organizer from UMBRA

This stylish trip organizer is especially designed by Laura Carwardine for women and young ladies who frequently travel.  The design is created with geometric triangles and is ideal for carrying cosmetics and toiletries, grooming items and jewelry. There is a loop for opening and closing the case or for hanging the case in your hotel room or bathroom.  The trip organizer is elastic, flat, and easily fits in your handbag or suitcase. Inside the organizer are 4 smaller cases and 2 larger cases with plenty of room.

  • Color:
  • Materials: Polyester.
  • Dimensions when folded: 7-1/4 x 12- ¼ inches, open; 9-3/4 x 9-3/4 inches.

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Black Dress Organizer from UMBRA

More space, and more useful organizer…

  • Shaped like a dress and hangs in your closet
  • One side with 17 loops
  • The flip side has 33 pockets
  • Measures 16 ¾ x 36 ½ inches (42.5 x 92.7 cm)



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