Portable Telescope – A Gift for Curious People


When developing this unique telescope by Celestron they thought of quality and portability.  That is why this amazing telescope is very easy to move, and convenient to take on trips, for sky gazing far from home and basically, anywhere you want to set it up.  The telescope is constructed from extremely high quality materials in order to provide for maximum durability for many years and if you add to that the fact that no maintenbance is required, then this telescope is the perfect gift for inquisitive people and amateur astronomers.

  • Maximum Magnificsation: X 165.
  • Minimum Magnificstion: X 10.
  • Focal Length: 400mm (16 in).
  • Focal Ratio: 5.71.
  • Apperature: 70 nn (2.76 in).
  • Finderscope: 24 x 5.

You can buy it from Celestron or from here:

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