Panda Stealing Money Bank, Piggy Bank for Kids, Coin Bank for Money Saving, Automatic Stealing Money with English Speaking, Creative Gift

This is a perfect Piggy Bank for Kids gift for kids.
Its funny, its cool, its interactive, and it talks!

Put the coin on the plate and the Kitten or the Panda will pop out and say “Hello”.
After taking the coin away and Putting it in the Piggy Bank, the Kitten or the Panda will say “Thank you”.

The Piggy Bank can hold 30 to 40 coins (depends on the size of the coins).
The Piggy Bank dimensions are:  4.7*4.1*3.7 inch (11.94*10.41*9.4 cm).

All your kid needs to do is to put a coin on top of the plate and press on it.
The Piggy Bank is made from 100% environment-friendly material under most strict quality inspection.

Cute panda in a box steals coins electronic novelty coin bank

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Cute Panda Stealing Coin Saving Box Pot Piggy Bank

Greedy Panda is Stealing Your Money! No, that's not true. The truth is each new person your take to see the panda will end up laughing, even your use his coin.

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