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MindWare KEVA: Color Planks

the Keva famous planks are maid of pine wood.
you can use the precision-cut MindWare KEVA Planks to create wonderful and surprising structures.

120 KEVA color planks: 25 green, 25 re, 25 blue, 25 black and 20 natural pine.
The KEVA colored planks are exactly the same size and shape of other previous KEVA planks, and can be Used together with your old KEVA blocks, to create colorized and exiting new structures.
The KEVA planks are very sturdy and versatile, and come with a building manual.
KEVA planks are ready to use, need no glue or tools, just your hands and some imagination.

Item details:
Material: Wood
Box Dimensions: 11 x 6 x 2 inches / 27.94 x 15.25 x 5.08 cm



KEVA Colors 120 Plank Set from MindWare

The KEVA Colors building set from MindWare is an open-ended building set featuring 120 precision-engineered pine KEVA planks now in multiple colors.

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